Which TV Shows Have Slot Machine Potential?

Which of the current generation of TV indicates, or beyond, would possibly make an amazing slots recreation? With the Sex and the City Slot Machine the most important issue in the Vegas casinos proper now, there must be lots of designers searching at adaptations.


The first component slots designers are searching out now is some¬† slot terbaru¬† thing that both sexes experience, and Bones can truely in shape into this category. Bones has appropriate searching male and female leads in David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, to be able to attract guys and girls alike. They’d virtually make accurate slots characters, as might some of their sidekicks.


The slots could also appeal to men with a few slightly ugly tools of their forensic anthropology paintings, and what might be better than a bonus recreation that had you looking to get the two important characters, Brennan and Booth together. Come on licensees, work at it!


There is also certainly potential in a Seinfeld slot, despite the fact that the series has been completed for some time. With all the capture phrases that the show stimulated, there are lots of room for accurate animations and video clips to make a truly wonderful video slot sport. Need I say whatever else other than “They’re actual – AND they’re superb”.


There is a great sufficient cast again to make symbols with Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and Newman and plenty of potential for exclusive bonuses. The “Get George a Job bonus”, the Elaine dating bonus – such a lot of thoughts. It’s only a shame that the image rights may positioned this slot system out of attain of the marketeers.


It’s a pity, as Vegas genuinely desires a few new and modern video slots to spruce matters up!

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